*- photos with FRIENDS -*

*big thanks to Bahijah, since some of the collection are from her!!


Bahijah's Birthday Makan Makan - March 10th 2004
spend some loads of money for the whole occasion but everyone had fun!! and that's what matters most! =D

Video Clip Shooting (silly previews!) - February
ekkeke! these are the ones we took without our talents.. the one we took for our own joy. =D

Hanis' Going-Away small-weird Majlis - February 15th 2004
she invited us to a "kenduri" but it didn't look ANY like a kenduri!! Hanis tipuuuuuuuuuuuu~!!! heehee~

Hanis. Wanie. Musz. - February 14th 2004
spent V-Day with beloved friends!!! just as it used to be.. and should be.. =)

Friday 13th Outing - February 13th 2004
it was spookily fun!! heehee~

Sinbad - February 4th 2004
Ritual-Rabu pix!! dined and fooling around with tarot cards! (new activity!!)

New Year 2004
was @ Bukit Bintang to see the fireworks! nak kate seronok sangat, takde ponn! but spending time with friends are simply neatt!!

 KL photo shoot - December 29th 2003
merepek in KL!

Kak Huda's Wedding - December 6th 2003
Hanis' eldest sister's wedding..

 Photo Shoot @ Studio and Matrix Revolution - November 8th & 9th 2003
ehee~ not much of pics of the Matrix part though.. just the one of Asha and Bahijah! The first few were taken inside the MMU studio! Managed to get Bad to model here..! Bahijah even got Dar and Azarul's group picture there.. hoho~! umm.. the last few were taken at Queenz-bodo (hehe) at sahur-time!

Photo Shoot @ Mojjo's - November 7th 2003
did our assignment at Asha's place! Managed to get Zrug to model for us! Before that we had breakfast together, picnic at Masjid Putra~! there's one picture that I like so much there.. you shouldn't see it but I like it too much so I had to put it up! heehee~ wekk! =p

Lomo & Mint Tea (err.. Seesha too, I guess!) - October 23rd 2003
The pair (Asha and Dzayed) finally went to buy a Lomography camera! Hung out 'til night when we went to Sinbad.. huhuu~

Girls Night Out - October 21st 2003
Honestly, the day started in the evening when me, Bahijah, Asha and Dzayed went to take some pictures for our assignment.. and THEN later at the night we gurls had some "fun" HOHOHO!

Hanging Out At Mamak - October 19th 2003
Bahijah messaged at around 1am, asking if we'd like to hang out. YESS!! So, with Bahijah, Anaconda, Asha and Bak, we met up Umai and whatshizname at a mamak place in Putrajaya~ Later took some pix on the bridge..

Light Trail, Re-shoot - October 18th 2003
ehee~ Finally got to do the re-shoot seriously. Spent the day walking around, (ate in KFC, Pertama Complex.. and tried that chestnut sold at the roadside.. heehee~) but got to work at 6:30pm!

Eating in Hartamas (Uncle Don's) - October 17th 2003
hehhe~ having an early dinner after walking around for a spot for the light trail reshoot.

A Bowling Outing - October 15th 2003
ehee~ refused to stay depressed in MMU after photography being rejected, me, Bahijah and Anaconda went to IOI for a bowling match and later went to eat laksa in Mid Valley

GEMA - October 14th 2003
great competition/show in Malay language right in MMU!! Flop Poppy and Tenggara Performance Club was there as well. The night was really FUN!! And pretty hysterical.. (screamed like crazy..)

Long-waited Trip - September 30th 2003
went to mid valley with Ana, Asha, BJ and Sheeya!!!

Photography Assignment - September 29th 2003
was out with Sheeya, BJ and Asha to Putra; trying to do some work, but ended up hanging about. Later went out again with Dzayed to do the light trail in Bangsar.

Introduction To Zul - September 6th 2003
Zul is Hanis' boyfriend!! And we (me and Dayat) got to meet him that day.. Hanis' two elder sisters were there as well

A Visit To Asha's House - August 28th 2003
These are the pictures while we were in the kitchen making ourselves dinner!

Rugby Practice - June 25th 2003
me and Ana watched as BJ, Fina and Amal were having their rugby practice

these were taken in different occasions.. Having lunch with friends!

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix - June 21st 2003
went out very early in the morning for the book release in Kinokuniya, KLCC. A Fantastic experience!! There were BJ, Ana, Sheeya, Alitt and Majin!

Ampang Coffee Bean - June 18th 2003
hehhee~ hanging out with good friends in Ampang! Was out with Bahijah and Alitt and later met up with Sheeya~!

My Cafe - June 17th and August 25th 2003
hanging out in My Cafe right in MMU

Pangkor Related - March 2003
These were taken in Pangkor, and some other later venues.. All related to the Alpha trip.

Nina's Wedding - February 2nd 2003
some of my friends came for Nina's wedding! Aren't they the best?! The wedding was held in Bukit Kapar, Klang. (my grandma's house!)

Independence Day's Activity - August 2000
my way of skipping class - get into a school-related activity! Joined the pom poms and made new friends~~